PipelineArchitect - Simplifying Complexity

PipelineArchitect provides a flexible, scalable analytics platform giving users the ability to build pipelines, create full result audit trails and deploy them to multiple users for enhanced usability, acceleration and optimisation - quickly and easily. PipelineArchitect will transform your business.

How can PipelineArchitect help your data team?

Greater Flexibility

Users can run complex analysis on large amounts of data using a wide range of tools and languages including internal IP. Building analytics pipelines with a wide range of tools enables complete flexibility in the analytics approach taken.  Pipelines can also be shared through the team as well as automated removing knowledge lock in to individuals and improving staff satisfaction and retention.

Full Scalability

Users can start from a single analytics project and scale with confidence. PipelineArchitect helps align data analytics teams, data owners and IT managers using a standardised repeatable process.

External datasets such as public, commercial and partner can also be incorporated with internal data assets to create new insights.

Measurable Results

  • Reusability- In-cloud or on-premise stack definitions can be easily deployed and retargeted
  • Built for Machine Learning- Utilise SQL, Spark, R and Python together to take advantage of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Automate existing analytics processes
  • Allows reliable, repeatable, scalable analytics processes
  • Enables compute scaling and dynamic parallelisation
  • Build your analytics from component pieces including your own IP/ code
  • Full audit trail of analytics processing
  • Pipeline monitoring and debugging

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