Utilities & Industrial Products Case Study

The Challenge

The utility industry is facing an unprecedented growth in data volumes as it converts to Smart Metering technology. Smart Meters, which poll every 15-minutes, generate over 35,000 data points per year, versus 4 – 12 for traditional manual and automated meter reads. A leading Irish retail electricity provider approached Analytics Engines with the challenge of deploying infrastructure that would scale-out as it converted to Smart Meters, and support advanced analytics on the larger datasets.

The Solution

Analytics Engines deployed XDP, its enterprise data backbone that provides data integration, infrastructure automation, and analytics workflow execution. A bespoke analytics architecture—including Hadoop, MongoDB, Spark, R & Python—was created using software defined infrastructure, and deployed to on-premise hardware that could scale-out with data volumes.

The Benefit

XDP enabled the utility’s IT department to rapidly deploy a new scalable analytics infrastructure through a repeatable, reproducible and auditable process. XDP’s data virtualization layer enabled the utility’s analytics department to quickly integrate Smart Meter data assets and other external data sources. XDP’s analytics workflow environment is enabling the utility to run novel analyses to better understand peak consumption and develop new demand response programs.