Retail & Consumer Experience Case Study

The Challenge

Our client is a global retail company, and one of the top online retailers in the UK.  It has experienced tremendous growth since launching its website more than a decade ago. Faced with a dataset of over 2 million customers in 18 countries, and millions of transactions in disparate system, our client was struggling with the analytics infrastructure needed to unlock the value of existing organizational data, as well as supporting its goals around advanced analytics.

The Solution

Our client selected Analytics Engines’ XDP as the enterprise data backbone to provide data integration, infrastructure automation, and analytics workflow execution. The Analytics Engines platform utilizes software defined infrastructure and big data technologies to provide scalable storage and compute to industrialise the analytics.

The Benefit

XDP’s data virtualization layer provided a single view of all of our client’s organizational data assets that was spread across multiple data silos. This unified view was used by our client’s analysts to develop a new customer segmentation model that supported a new outbound marketing campaign. The new model runs on production infrastructure deployed and managed by XDP.