Media & Content Management Case Study

The Challenge

The volume of data for media and content management companies continues to grow, with granular browsing, location, interest, and social data from mobile and desktop platforms driving growth.  This allows greater ability to discover insights into consumer and customer behavior, tailor marketing campaigns, optimize the sales process and drive increased CSAT and LTV.  A UK e-marketing client was beginning to encounter issues in scaling its existing analytics processes to handle rapid business growth, which were based on simple front-end analytics tools.

The Solution

Analytics Engines deployed XDP, its enterprise data backbone that provides data integration, infrastructure automation, and analytics workflow execution.  The client’s existing data and analytics models were ported to XDP, and deployed to on-premise hardware that could scale-out with data volumes. An end-to-end solution was deployed across the business within 3 months.

The Benefit

XDP enabled the client to rapidly deploy a new scalable analytics infrastructure through a repeatable, reproducible and auditable process. XDP’s data virtualization layer provided a single view into multiple data streams for the clients’ analysts.  This has enabled a number of key initiatives, from new targeted marketing campaigns, to measurement of retention and product/service uptake, as well as the calculation of customer lifetime values.