Manufacturing & Smart Items Case Study

The Challenge

The Internet of Things—the sensors and devices that collect and transmit information about the physical world—is driving the fourth Industrial Revolution. The global economic impact is estimated at $11T by 2025 through realized efficiencies. The manufacturing and industrial sectors are projected to have 40% of IoT devices, as supply chains, tools and equipment and buildings are equipped with sensors. A large client was struggling to handle growing volumes of machine data from its manufacturing process, with existing systems unable to store a complete production run.

The Solution

Analytics Engines recommended a scalable infrastructure solution with XDP—its enterprise data backbone that provides data integration, infrastructure automation, and scalable compute and storage. XDP utilizes software defined infrastructure to configure and manage analytics services, including workflow execution. A bespoke analytics architecture—including Hadoop and SparkR—supporting hot/cold storage was designed that could be deployed to on-premise hardware or cloud.

The Benefit

The new infrastructure is able to dynamically scale out to handle growing machine data volumes, and integrate multiple data streams. A complete production run is able to be stored, and analysed with industrialized workflows. Additional opportunities include offloading more of the hot data for cost savings, and migrating existing infrastructure to XDP.