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Big Data Breakout Meetup: Big Data Applications in Healthcare and Precision Medicine

We had two fantastic speakers from the cutting edge of their respective fields, Ronan Cunningham from BrainWaveBank and Tim Davison from Almac Diagnostics. Here... read more

Big Data Breakouts Meetup: AquaQ Analytics & ODI Belfast

We had a couple of excellent speakers join us in July 2016 – Jonny Press from AquaQ Analytics and Bob Harper representing ODI Belfast. ... read more

Big Data Breakouts Meetup – MIDAS project

Dr Michaela Black & Dr Johnathan Wallace,  Ulster University joined us in the Hudson Bar on the 19th November to talk about the MIDAS project... read more

A Petition to Ban Data Analytics

Today’s blog is a guest post from one of our Board. It wasn’t quite what we were expecting but its very, very good…. I,... read more

Data On Drugs

This blog post is based on some work we did a while back to support the International Health Analytics Capability. The challenge was initially... read more

The Right Store For The Right Data

The title of this blog post seems highly logical doesn’t it? You should use the right data store for your data. Basically we feel... read more

Big Data Belfast

It’s been a busy time for everyone at Analytics Engines recently. Last week we held our annual Big Data Conference for the 4th year... read more

Solving Business Issues in Big Pharma and Fintech using R: EARL 2015

I recently spoke at EARL in London. For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to be there, here’s what you missed. For those... read more

Predictive Analytics Meetup

Last month we held a meetup for the Belfast Big Data community with Dan Steinberg CEO of Salford Systems, one of the pioneers of... read more

“Behind the Science” with Alastair McKinley

Analytics Engines engineering manager Alastair McKinley spoke about the role Big Data has to play in Northern Ireland businesses across all sectors from healthcare... read more