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Innovation through industrialisation

Analytics Engines XDP™ is a data platform which focuses on the user, delivering meaningful results and insights from data. Using Analytics Engines XDP™ you will spend less time with data integration and ETL steps and instead focus on analysis, machine learning and consuming the outcome of your analysis (e.g. Risk scoring, customer segmentation, trend identification, etc.). XDP brings together a set of tools to deliver data integration, data storage, data analysis and data publishing allowing you to automate the lifecycle of your data and its processes.

XDP delivers analytics to the core of your business through 3 core principles:

Analytics Engines - XDP Principle 1

Access your data from a single location without having to replicate it.

Analytics Engines - XDP Principle 2

Analyse your data once and reuse the analysis process each time the data is updated.

Analytics Engines - XDP Principle 3

Share your data and analysis with colleagues through repeatable processes.

Analytics Engines XDP allows you to integrate your data assets in one place so that you can create meaningful insights and actions from the data. The platform enables you to build data processes around your data, people and business processes allowing data to inform every decision you take. XDP enables you to industrialise your processes so that you can analyse once, then reuse and repeat the analysis as data is updated. XDP also enables you to republish data, analytics and results within your organisation and on the web through interactive web dashboards.

Analytics Engines XDP is flexible and scalable, this means you can start from a single analytics project and scale with confidence. Our platform helps you align your data analytics teams, data owners and IT managers using a standardised repeatable process. It enables you to take advantage not just of your own internal data assets but also to incorporate external datasets such as public, commercial and partner data to create new insights.

Analytics Engines XDP Features

Analytics Engines - XDP Reusable Icon


The same stack definition can be deployed in cloud or on-premise, and retargeted easily.

Analytics Engines - XDP Unified View Icon

Unified View

Use data-virtualisation and unified view to access and explore data without moving and copying it. Data Virtualisation integrates data security policies by utilising the existing Access Control Policies of your data.

Analytics Engines - XDP Push Down Query Icon

Push-down Query Capability

Run analytics queries against native source systems.

Analytics Engines - XDP Security Icon


Role-based security ensures only authorized users can access data assets.

Analytics Engines - XDP Source Control Icon

Source control

Software Defined Infrastructure definitions can be placed under source control.

Analytics Engines - XDP Best In Class Icon

Best in class

We utilise best in class components and tools with a range of data stores to match your data.

Analytics Engines - XDP Machine Learning

Built for Machine Learning

Utilise SQL, Spark, R and Python together to take advantage of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

XDP Tools

Analytics Engines XDP is a flexible, modular retargetable data platform that enables data curation, orchestration and analytics. We use the right tools for the right data with a single data view that enables data access. We provide solutions to data analytics problems that make complexity easy and enable industrialisation of analytics processes and pipelines.

Analytics Engines - XDP Builder Icon

XDP Builder

Click-to-deploy infrastructure automation tool that configures bespoke analytics platforms.

Analytics Engines - XDP Manager Icon

XDP Manager

Administration tool for managing multiple analytics stacks running within an organization.

Analytics Engines - XDP UnifiedDataView Icon

XDP UnifiedDataView

Data virtualization layer that provides a single view of all enterprise data through an ANSI-SQL compliant interface.

Analytics Engines COBALT

We're proud to introduce Analytics Engines COBALT. Using advanced analytics, COBALT allows councils to maximise rates revenue.

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