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What Our Customers Say

Discover what our clients think about us and how we helped them improve their business analytics processes.

We help your organisation perform better

Bespoke Data Solutions

Analytics Engines helps tailor solutions that are suited ideally for you to use. We offer full training that allows you to use our platform and develop your own solutions.

Results Focussed

We focus on ensuring you business receives the correct outcomes and results to help you move forward. Data is the tool, not the end game. Our aim is to give you insight and value

Increased Process Efficiency

We help you to boost efficiencies in your current processes by helping you use and analyse your data more effectively, producing more focused, accurate results.

Flexible & Scalable

Our platform is flexible and scalable to ensure you are future proofed against new technology and ever increasing amounts of data.

High-end Security

Security is paramount for your company and Analytics Engines takes it seriously. We are ISO27001 certified and all our systems utilise role based security.

Patented XDP Platform

Our solutions are based on a stable, mature data platform enabling rapid development capability based on a platform providing security, integrity, scability and advanced analytics

Analytics Engines XDP

Analytics Engines provides the business backbone for data analytics & management with the world’s most flexible, scalable data platform

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